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Tanya Ghayur
Lead Practitioner and Director of Vital Vibrationz

After studying psychology and music at university, and always wanting to be a therapist, I gained qualifications in sound therapy from the Sound Healing Academy. I have been playing the flute since I was 8 years old, with qualifications up to Grade 8 and have been meditating since I was 9 and use my creative and musical skills for healing and mindfulness to help others. I am a sound healer, meditation guide, mindfulness teacher, musician, artist and a big advocate for mental health.


Being a POC, it is very important that Vital Vibrationz, be an inclusive and safe space for all ages, races, backgrounds, genders and abilities. 


Having been through and overcome my own share of health difficulties mentally, physically and spiritually, and having tried and tested many forms of therapy and holistic healing, I aim to share the wisdom I have gained through healing myself to help others. I hope to provide a safe space for those struggling to feel held, as well as aid those wanting to grow and helping them to tap into themselves and their own power to heal the body, mind and soul.

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What is Sound Therapy?

Sound healing therapy is a holistic form of physical, emotional, mental, soulful and spiritual healing that treats the person as a whole. It integrates ancient wisdom, modern science, art, musicality, as well as the alchemy of healing, to facilitate self healing within the client, where the sound therapist and musical sound instruments are used as a vessel for universal life force energy also known as qi (chi) or prana.


Sound healing can trigger the relaxation response as well as release suppress emotions, soothe physical ailments and balance the energy field (aura or bio sound field) that encompasses and surrounds the physical body. It can also entrain the body, brain and emotions into a harmonic resonance, as well as actively engaging the client in the sound healing itself and setting intentions for healing. 

The Science of Sound Therapy

Sound can affect the body on a cellular level because the body is made up of 70% water, and sound vibrations can travel through water so well, as well as change the molecular structure of it. Each atom of our body holds its own vibrational frequency and sound can help to restore balance when these frequencies are disturbed or thrown off due to internal or external factors, which can prevent ill health or disease. This has been shown in the autonomic, immune and endocrine systems for example, sound can affect the heart and the pulse, being able to steady or slow the heart rate as well as cause it to increase. It can also help to initiate a relaxation response in the body and mind by activating the rest and digest functions of the body through the parasympathetic nervous system, switching off fight flight or freeze responses that can cause anxiety and poor immune system functions as well as a number of stress related physical issues. 

Sound can also balance and bring harmony to the body, mind and spirit. Spiritually it can help us to clear away stagnant and unhealthy energy and replace it or transmute it with positive and fresh vibrations. It can also affect our subtle bodies, also known as auric energy fields, such as the etheric, astral - which include the mental and emotional bodies - and the causal body which is also referred to as the soul. Disease and illness manifests in these layers of the subtle bodies first, as they interpenetrate each other and are linked to the physical body through the chakras and meridians, which is how illness then shows up in the physical body. Vibrations of therapeutic sound can help bring these layers to become balanced by shifting blockages and allowing energy to flow better, therefore allowing healing in the emotional and mental bodies and on a soulful and spiritual level as well as the physical.

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